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Points of Arrival / Viewpoints for Departure

Graduation 2017

Friday 23 June, 19.00
The graduation show 2017 will be opened by Prof. Dr. Gabriela Christen, director Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Art and Design.

Opening hours
24 June – 2 July. Daily from 10.00 – 20.00

Messe Luzern, Hall 4
Horwerstrasse 87, 6005 Lucerne
Travel from Lucerne station:
Urban Train S4 and S7. Or bus 20 to Messe / Allmend

See Camera Arts graduation projects 2017
Programme Werkschau 2017
Information about Camera Arts

Photo: Olivia Sasse. 2017

Points of Arrival / Viewpoints for Departure

Where am I?

To answer this question, I need to relate to my environment, to places, objects, people, events. Only this way I can orient myself and experience where I am and what my place is, in relation to others.

This mutual interaction is a discursive process, rather than a situation; a constant re-location, a re-negotiation of existing and growing relationships. On top of that, both one’s own standpoint and that of all other actors and factors in this process is dynamic. While I am orienting and positioning myself, others will see me and position themselves in relation to me.

Throughout this constantly updated play of shifting standpoints, we develop a mentality, by means of which we identify ourselves and others. Thus grounded, we negotiate ourselves and the world.

The 10 graduation projects of the Bachelor Visual Communication – Camera Arts, which are shown here, are such standpoints. They can be read as snap shots of an ongoing process of orientation. The photographic – which is, after all, trying to document, to grasp what is going on in the world in which we are active, in order to disclose it to the viewer, or even to understand it – gives the works the stability they need.

The images and their orientation – the way they are placed in the world – become orientation points themselves within the complex and dynamic relations and processes that surround them. This allows all participating actors, including the viewers, to relate to these views to the world and develop a stance of their own.

Graduation Students

Thi My Lien Nguyen
Cécile Jund
Rebecca Pfisterer
Marius Eckert
Jessica Prinz
Tosca Mirjam Vieli
Thomas Brunner
Olivia Sasse
Aurel Fischer
Natalie Fasnacht

See graduation projects 2017

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