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Vernissage & Exhibition:
Emmenbrücke Genius Loci #10


Thursday, 31st of March 2022 starting at 4:30 pm, Foyer, 745 Viscosistadt


31th of March until 10th of April 2022, Foyer – Ground Floor, Viscosistadt 475

Project mentoring by:

Andrea Diefenbach
Marie Cuennet
Brian Paul Lamotte
Jules Spinatsch

BA Visual Communication
Camera Arts
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – School of Art and Design

Poster design: Julian Andrea Rupp

Emmenbrücke Genius Loci #10

Since 2012, Camera Arts students have been exploring the urban, social, cultural, political and economic contexts in the rapidly changing municipality of Emmen, focusing with photographic and other imaging means on Emmenbrücke’s “genius loci” – literally: “the spirit of the place,” meaning a place’s particularities and peculiarities.

Since the Lucerne School of Art and Design moved to the newly designed campus on the Viscosi site, the former industrial area of Emmen’s Emmenbrücke district, the students’ perspective has changed: they relate the district from the inside to Lucerne, to Switzerland and to global developments.

The “Genius Loci” project is characterized by a phenomenological approach. Students are encouraged to observe the urban landscape and local culture from their own perspective. They interpret their encounters, the neighborhoods, the stories and the issues arising from them through personal experience and thus also bring less common viewpoints to light.


Students exhibiting:

Nedia Boutouchent, Sara Borling, Livio Burtscher, Elizabeth Desintaputri, Salome Erni, Frederik Frisnedi, Karina Honcharova, Maryna Hrynchuk, Samira Isler, Julia Lepptin, Pascal Nötzli, Nola Quambo, Julian Andrea Rupp, Yelyzaveta Tarakanova, Barbara Truog, Julian Walss


Here a little insight into some of this years projects:

System Milk

A project by Salome Erni

The Schnieper’s family farm is within sight of the global company Emmi, where 300,000 liters of milk are processed every day. But while cow’s milk is the wage for farmer’s daily work, for Emmi, milk is the raw material for globally traded goods. Photographs, graphics and interviews show the perspectives of the Schnieper family and Emmi employees and provide an insight into the Swiss dairy industry.

«Haus Zeda»

A project by Livio Burtscher

The “Haus Zeda” home in Emmenbrücke offers long-term places for people with physical disabilities or chronic mental illnesses. Seven men and one woman live in a three-family house together with the couple who run the home, Roland and Luna. With remarkable devotion and kindness they create a family atmosphere. Despite this stabilizing family framework, the residents spend a lot of time alone. Community life is not always the focus.

«Wie sich Emmens Senior:innen treffen»

A project by Julian Andrea Rupp

The Seniorenhub Emmen is a loose organization by and for senior citizens. They offer regular activities such as gymnastics, hiking and play jass. The groups meet at various locations in Emmen and the surrounding area. With this commitment, a lively, social community was created in Emmen, also for seniors who would otherwise be overwhelmed with organizing their leisure activities alone.

Ein ganz normaler Tag / Une journée tout à fait normale / Una giornata del tutto normale

A project by Nola Ouambo

A normal day in Emmenbrücke. Fleeting encounters and conversations with residents of the municipality of Emmen were documented and recorded. Then they were arranged in the order of a chronological daily routine and thus a fictitious everyday life was staged. Portraits and other shots help to get a feel for the small town and keep the people’s stories alive.

«aurare lat., vergolden»

A project by Elizabeth Desintaputri

Christine Hofer, owner of Atelier Hofer in Emmen, restores and manufactures gilded objects. This craft of applying gold leaf to solid surfaces such as wood uses a proprietary priming technique called poliment. It consists of an elaborate mixture (fat fine tone with stone or chalk, hide glue, earth pigment) and a meticulously precise layer structure. This is the only way for the gold leaf to stick and be polished to a high gloss.

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