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TILT / SHIFT / SLANT – CA Werkschau 2016

Vernissage graduation show

Friday 19 June, 19.00
The graduation show 2016 will be opened by Prof. Dr. Gabriela Christen, director Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Art and Design.

Opening hours
24 June – 03 July. Daily from 10.00 – 20.00
Sunday 03 July 10.00 – 18.00

Messe Luzern, Hall 4
Horwerstrasse 87, 6005 Lucerne
Travel from Lucerne station:
Urban Train S4 or S7 or bus 20 to Messe / Allmend


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Programme Werkschau 2016




Perspectives on Animals, Borders, Selfies, Songs and Boom Bab


CA graduation exhibition at the Werkschau 2016

Traditional photography makes use of tilt and shift to compensate the distortion caused by oblique angles and unsharpness of focus. The lens and the camera’s backside, both important for the registration of the image, can be adjusted independently. This freedom to modify the composition is applied to aesthetic and conceptual concerns.

Today, photographic practice is exposed to a dramatic change. The stasis of the images is being replaced by dynamic visual formats. In the digital and online realm of our post-photographic reality, images are generated and distributed by means of algorithms in cameras, smartphones, apps and social media. This shift leads to new visual practices which invite alternative forms of interaction with images.

This Camera Arts graduation show features four photography-based projects that offer unusual perspectives on socially and politically relevant issues. The image-makers articulate their personal concerns in the process of exploring the conceptual and formal possibilities of transmedia storytelling. Individual emphasis on content – the photographers’ slant – is the key to generating meaning in these new contributions to the visual discourse of photography today.

Graduation projects:

Selfeminity by Mara Vivien Güntensperger
Songs from Home by Lesley Kennel
D’ Nischeler by Claudia Schildknecht
Stalin’s Pipe by Samuel Schalch

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