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Social Design

From Image making to Imagination to Action – Diana Krabbendam, The Beach (Amsterdam)

From 8 – 9 October Diana Krabbendam and Evert Ypma will conduct a workshop about social design with BA 2nd year students Camera Arts. We will connect image making with imagination and collaborative action.


Lecture on Social Design
Design in the Era of Sustainism

By Diana Krabbendam of The Beach (Amsterdam)
Wednesday 9 October, 8.30-10.00 Camera Arts, Baselstrasse 61b, Bb 309

There are limited places available. Please reserve a seat by sending an email to Kaspar Flückiger


KOST, Nieuw Gezichten op Eten (KOST, New Perspectives on Food). Bis Publishers, Amsterdam
Sustainist Design Guide by Michiel Schwarz and Diana Krabbendam (2013) Bis Publishers, Amsterdam
Diana Krabbendam, The Beach (Amsterdam)

New perspectives on social and organizational issues are urgently needed. While we explore the possible figurations of the new social landscape we meet people who are committed to work together to find answers to complex societal issues. Along with these creative thinkers and do-ers, we aim to discover new routes by executing programmes that focus on media & crafts, food & landscape and on redefining social design. Designing situations that allow for the shaping of new meanings and new connections; and the organisation of active participation is at the core of what we do.

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