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#repeatafterme #transmediastorytelling Exhibition

Vernissage March 29, 2018

March 29 – 7 April 2018
Vernissage March 29, 17.30

Camera Arts
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – School of Art and Design


Exhibition space 745, Viscosistadt, Ground floor. Nylsuisseplatz 1, 6020 Emmenbrücke

Train S1, S9 from / to Lucerne main station to Emmenbrücke, 5 min.
Bus 2 from / to Lucerne main station to Emmenbrücke, 15 min.

5 min. walk from Emmenbrücke station to building 745.

#transmediastorytelling exhibition

Spreading Knowledge

Everything we know has been told to us. By our parents, our teachers, our friends, by the texts we have read, the images we have seen, the news we have followed – we have assimilated information and recognize and accept it as knowledge, which we in turn reproduce more or less consciously. Thus knowledge spreads.

Visual culture is part of this process. The images we make, see and distribute reflect what we think we know of the world and how we experience our place in it.

Social media represent a fast growing new channel for spreading knowledge. If, for instance, you want to know the right way of making landscape photos, you’ll find a range of tutorials on YouTube by vloggers who profess they know how. If you want to know how to enter into a perfect relationship, or simply to get a date, there are throngs of coaches who know what to do.

Most of these voices are spreading ‘common knowledge’ that in some cases is age old. Like the ancient sagas of the Wallis. They tell of monsters and magic, but at the same time reproduce traditional knowledge on morals and social behavior, of good and bad. Like the myths of old, the modern-day sagas of romantic love or the perfect landscape underscore accepted ways of knowing how to do things.

Media include photography, video, illustration, social media, postcards, posters, audio narratives, websites.


Kim Jonas Meier & Severin Pomsel:

Kira Barlach & Monika Scherer:

Tanja Frey:

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