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RE–VIEW: Symposium Bilderwissen / Decoder l’image

13/12 Symposium

On Friday 13, 2013 ASIP, the Association of Swiss Photography Institutions and Camera Arts have organised the symposium ‘Bilderwissen / Decoder l’image’, which questioned the status quo of visual literacy in Swiss / European society and the need for visual knowledge within the educational system. Over hundred participants from the fields, photography, design, art and media joined this successful event.

Valuable perspectives on image theories and visual education have been addressed: What is an image? How do people interact with images in the process of the construction of meaning? How can this very large topic of ‘visual literacy’ become integrated within education of youth and universities?

Read more about the speakers and program on the symposium website.

Camera Arts thanks the speakers, ASIP and all persons involved in this great conference!

Interviews with speakers by Camera Arts students
Camera Arts curriculum aims to integrate practice and theory. Therefore the theory seminars has been linked to the Bilderwissen/Decoder l’image symposium and in this context BA2 students have made interviews with the speakers.

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