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Imanuel Schipper on Relational Dramaturgies

Co-Producing Spectators, Immersive Spaces and the change of the locus of dramaturgy

Lecture 07.12.21

CA Position Lecture

Tuesday 07.12.21, 16.30 – 18.00
CA Lab, 745 Emmenbrücke
Lecture in English

BA Visual Communication – Camera Arts
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
School of Art and Design

Rimini Protokoll

People are walking the street, doing strange things, theatre audience is discussing on greenhouse gas reductions of countries they do not know that they exist – these are just two examples of what modern theatre goers are doing. From the „Discovery of the Spectator“ (Fischer-Lichte, 1991) to the „Emancipated Spectator“ (Rancière, 2009) a lot has changed in the possibilities how theatre is addressing its audience.

Productions in urban space and the progression of digital cultures not only in the daily life but also in all fields of the performing arts led to new paradigms in the way shows are experienced and analyzed. The use of space and dramaturgy and the question of how the spectators are included in the performativity of the theatre event in some contemporary theatre productions changed not only the way of how theatre is produced but obviously has a great impact on the experience itself.

With the help of some examples of the most recent productions of Rimini Protokoll Imanuel Schipper will rethink the concept of dramaturgy and reconstruct a different way of how it is produced.

Weltklimakonferenz, Rimini Protokoll. Photo: Benno Tobler
Photo: Stefan Schmied
Remote Taipei. Photo: Lafun Photography

Imanuel Schipper

Imanuel Schipper is a senior lecturer for Contemporary Performance & Dramaturgy at the Theatre Academy/Uniarts Helsinki, a scholar for Dramaturgy, Cultural and Performance Studies and a senior researcher at the CityScienceLab at HafenCityUniversity Hamburg. His research covers contemporary concepts of dramaturgy, performance studies and digital cultures, socially relevant functions of art and concepts of spectatorships. In his career as a Dramaturg (Theatre, Dance, Opera) he collaborated with William Forsythe, Jérome Bel, Luk Perceval and others. He has a long-term working relationship with Rimini Protokoll.

Publications include:
Rimini Protokoll 2000-2010 (2021, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König)
Rimini Protokoll: Staat 1-4: Phänomene der Postdemokratie (2018, Theater der Zeit)
Performing the Digital. Performance Studies and Performances in Digital Cultures (2017, in collaboration with Timon Beyes and Martina Leeker, transcript).


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