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Exhibition Emmenbrücke Genius Loci #3

Erfrischungsraum Lucerne

24 – 28 March 2015
Erfrischungsraum, Rössligasse 12, Lucerne
Vernissage with Apéro, Tuesday 24 March 2015, 18h
Exhibition open from Wednesday – Friday 14 – 19h, Saturday 11 – 16h

While engaging with people, sites and situations, the students observed and grasped the different implications of the urban, cultural, social-economic, and political landscape of Emmenbrücke. Often, they felt like passers-by gazing at a place in transition that has not found its specific form yet. In fact, it could become an independent town, an agglomeration of Lucerne, or an urbanized regional village. Over time, the students got involved with the contexts and daily lives of the city. Moreover, they explored the conflicting realities of its inhabitants and questioned the social dynamics and the various identities of Emmenbrücke. Current and future urban and societal conditions have been documented, mapped, and interpreted from various angles. The main focus has been on the Monosuisse site, because from 2016, the “Gebäude 745” located there will be the future schools’ homebase. Furthermore, the project draws a network between people, sites, and situations of the city in an exemplary way: The modifications due to new urban developments, the historic traces that will vanish, the removal/ relocation of the people and the arrival of newcomers will definitely have a deep impact on the city and can be understood as a world in itself. However, they reflect the conflicting situations that happen on a global scale as well.
Ten projects about Emmenbrücke have been developed and materialized through photography, documentary, interaction, and other media

With: Aurel Fischer, Joël Hunn, Cécile Jund, Thomas Knellwolf, Thi My Lien Nguyen, Rebecca Pfisterer, Jessica Prinz, Olivia Sasse, Olivia Vidal, and Tosca Vieli.

The project has been mentored by Corina Flühmann, Lukas Einsele, Evert Ypma, Axel Vogelsang, Johanna Saxen and Kaspar Flückiger.

We thank the various students’ project partners, the residents, and the visitors of Emmenbrücke; Elmar Ernst of Monosuisse/Viscosestadt AG; and Hewlett-Packard (Schweiz) GmbH.

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