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Exhibition Emmenbrücke Genius Loci #4

From local phenomena to global questions

Emmenbrücke Genius Loci #4
From local phenomena to global questions

Opening exhibition:
Friday April 1, 2016, 18h
Public lecture by Hilar Stadler, director Museum im Bellpark Kriens

Open from:

April 1 – 8, 2016
Mo–Th 16–20h
Sa 11–18h

Fr April 8, 16h

Rössligasse 12, Lucerne

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In Fall 2016, the Camera Arts program will move, together with other study programs of the Lucerne School of Art and Design, to the post-industrial complex ‘Viscosistadt’ in Emmenbrücke, in the northeast of Lucerne.

Camera Arts have been exploring the site since the program’s inception, as first-year students have been assigned to engage creatively with this post-industrial village. Now in its fourth round, entitled ‘Emmenbrücke Genius Loci – from local phenomena to global questions’, students have investigated the local conditions, developing projects that visually respond to the situations, relations and particularities of Emmenbrücke, while also making connections with the realities of a globalised world.

The current exhibition, under the motto ‘Ge(Schichten)’, which roughly translates as ‘stories and layers’, displays projects that address visual narratives around trees, social relations, analysing the urban landscape, life, and iconographies, offering a plethora of subjective descriptions of the genius loci – the spirit of the place.


Projects and exhibition by the first year CA students:
Anna Urwyler
Michael Fund
Anja Stadelmann
Carla Eng
Alexandra Pfammatter
Sjanca Oppliger
Özlem Petri
Lukas Stadelmann


Hilar Stadler
Hillar Stadler, director and curator of the Museum im Bellpark Kriens will give a talk during the opening.


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