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Exhibition Emmenbrücke Genius Loci #1

Concept Book

Project description

While engaging with people, sites and situations we observed and grasped essences of the urban and cultural landscape of Emmenbrücke. Often we felt like passers-by gazing to a place, which has not yet decided whether it aims to become a city, an agglomeration of Lucerne, or if it wishes to remain an urbanized regional village. Over time we got acquainted with inhabitants and their contexts, and with the manifestations of daily life.

We explored the common grounds as well as conflicting realities, we questioned social economic agendas, and we thought and discussed the identifications, which could be distinguished in a multi-cultural society. Present and future urban planning and architectural conditions have been mapped and analysed. We have looked to private and public communication strategies within the public sphere.

This collaborative project shows and questions the genius loci of Emmenbrücke. Fifteen perspectives and speculative propositions to Emmenbrücke have been developed and materialized through photography, documentary, interviewing, and envisioning visualizations.


Camera Arts: BA 1 2012/13, Hochschule Luzern –Design & Kunst

This project has beeen mentored by Eva Leitolf and Evert Ypma and supported by Kaspar Flückiger.
Thanks to the various project partners of student’s projects: residents, commuters and visitors of Emmenbrücke; Elmar Ernst (MonoSuisse, Emmenbrücke).

Photo cover: Raisa Durandi




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