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Introduction CA Team

On 17 October 2013 the new Camera Arts faculty – Lukas Einsele, Eva Leitolf, Axel Vogelsang, Wolfgang Brückle, Uwe Martin and Evert Ypma – introduced themselves during a series of brief project presentations. In addition they highlighted their particular approach regarding education in the fields of expanded photography, transmediality in connection to visual culture and design strategies.
In transdisciplinary educational practices the role of the educator is shifting. He/she becomes a didactic facilitator for students who are encouraged to take part in design of their own educational development process. Together with students the transdisciplinary teaching team will explore transgressive photographic and visual practices in relation to societal questions. They stimulate students to ask questions they have never asked before. By doing so, they prepare students to become the next generations of photographers, visual strategists and trans-medial visual storytellers.

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