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CA Positions: Baltensperger + Siepert



Wednesday 29. March, 8.30 – 10.00
Lucerne School of Art and Design
Campus 745
Camera Arts department, 1st floor

Zurich based artists DAVID SIEPERT (German, *1983) and STEFAN BALTENSPERGER (Swiss, *1976) have been working collaboratively since 2007. With their artistic practice, Siepert + Baltensperger critically reflect on social, cultural, and political issues. They immerse themselves into systems, aiming to make them visible and to manipulate them. Since 2010 the focus of their work lies within the political and the understanding of postcolonial structures.

Siepert grew up in the Black Forrest in Germany and later moved to Switzerland. Baltensperger grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. Both Siepert and Baltensperger attended the Basel School of Fine Arts, as well as the graduate Fine Arts program at Zurich University of the Arts. They began collaborating while still being undergraduate students and work from their Zurich studio ever since.


Baltensperger + Siepert:

„Die Wahrheit ist eine Lüge, die nicht widerlegt werden kann.“ Die Produktion von Wahrheit durch die Fiktion von Realität.

Baltensperger + Siepert explain their artist practice related to the production of reality in and through art.



Invisible Philosophy. Stefan Baltensperger & David Siepert, 2017
Imaginary Landscapes. Stefan Baltensperger & David Siepert, 2015
Innen und Aussen. Stefan Baltensperger & David Siepert, 2007 (by HeK Basel)

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