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CA-NOMIS Project 2020 – Call for Participation

Camera Arts and the NOMIS Foundation invite students and alumni of HSLU D&K to join the adventure of making the 2020 NOMIS Awards experimental film portraits and image film project.

Film recording with Adriano Aguzzi of Zurich University, 2019

Photo: Film recording with Adriano Aguzzi, professor of neuropathology and director of the Institute of Neuropathology at the Zürich University, 2019.

CA NOMIS film portraits:

CA-NOMIS Project 2017
CA-NOMIS Project 2018
CA-NOMIS Project 2019

NOMIS Award:

The NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award is presented to exceptional scientists, supporting them in their exploration of unconventional academic paths, thereby inciting new directions in science. The foundation rewards innovative ideas and approaches that involve interdisciplinary collaboration and apply a broad range of methods, building bridges across the boundaries of the sciences and humanities.


For the fourth consecutive year, Camera Arts will take on the production of three short video portraits of leading international scientists for the NOMIS Foundation. The CA-NOMIS project is an intensive adventure, offering a unique opportunity for three young makers to travel, meet the smartest people in science at leading research institutes in Europe and abroad, and take on the challenge of making three concise portraits of the NOMIS Award winners of 2020.

For an additional video project about the NOMIS Foundation itself, we also invite applications of filmmakers, visual storytellers, animators and designers who like to take up this creative challenge.

Both, award movie project and image movie project, are a cross-over between educational and practice project. The CA-NOMIS collaboration offers participants the opportunity to refine their skills as visual storytellers and explore innovative ways of communicating science and fundamental research to a broad interested audience. The movie project is part of the ‚Imagining Science’ project that explores (new) forms of transmedia storytelling of complex matter in science and beyond.

For this production we invite ambitious and passionate students and alumni of BA Camera Arts, Video, MA Film, Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Art & Art Education, Digital Ideation and MA Design (with focus on sound or film) at HSLU D&K to apply as makers and collaborators in various roles.
Under the guidance of two senior international professionals in the fields of editorial design (Max Bruinsma, Amsterdam) and documentary movie (Christian Gropper ARD/arte), three (video) makers will be each responsible for the concept, direction and post-production of one video portrait, and participate and assist in the making of the other two portraits.

Furthermore, we invite animators / illustrators for the design and production of short animated visualizations of the core scientific processes in the work of the three scientists, which will be integrated in the video portraits. And musicians, composers, sound designers for the music score and sound design of the video portraits. Apart from creative and operative skills, the capability to dialogue with the team is key.

The CA-NOMIS team 2018 in New York.

Project planning 2020
Production will take place in July (filming) and August (post-production), with an introductory workshop at Camera Arts, mid-February and individual research in May.
The video portraits will be premiered at the NOMIS Awards ceremony in Zürich, early October, after which they will be published on NOMIS’ and CA’s websites.

11.10.19 – Information session for students: 12.15 – 13.15 at Cinema REX
14.11.19 – Information session for students: 12.00 – 12.30 at CA / Media Lab
25.11.19 – Application deadline
16.12.19 – Selection of CA-NOMIS team 2020

NOMIS Award Film Project 2020:
12-16 Feb. – Kick-off and intensive preparation workshop
April – Meeting with the NOMIS Foundation and announcement of the NOMIS distinguished scientists 2019 and travel destinations
Apr. – June  Research phase + Practical organisation and preparations
July – 2-3 weeks international travels
Aug. – 4-5 weeks intensive post-production
1 Sept. – Delivery of the films and project archiving
Oct. – NOMIS Award Ceremony and screening of the film portraits.
Oct – Project closure and Evaluation

NOMIS Image Film Project 2020 as a combined IDA Module (Organisation in progress)
April – May 2020 – Research phase, practical organisation, and recording
Aug. – 4-5 weeks intensive post-production
1 Sept. – Delivery of the film and project archiving
Oct. – NOMIS Award gala 2020 and screening of the image film
Oct – Project closure and Evaluation

Applicants will be considered based on talent, skills, team spirit and openness to broadening their professional horizons and learning new approaches to documentary film making. The assignment is an intensive pressure-cooker project, which requires serious commitment and resilience of the participants. The three participating makers will receive a modest stipend. All costs for travel, lodging and sustenance during the shooting of the videos will be covered. The animator and sound designer will receive a fee.
Applicants should include a brief statement outlining their motivation to join the project, a portfolio of relevant work, a CV (pdf documents + links)

Information Session
10.10.19 – Information session for students: 12.15 – 13.15 at Cinema REX
14.11.19 – Information session for students: 12.00 – 12.30 at CA / Media Lab
745, CA, 1. OG, Nylsuisseplatz 1, 6020 Emmenbrücke

Deadline for applications is Monday November 25th, 2019.
Please send your digital application to Evert Ypma, course leader Camera Arts: evert.ypma@hslu.ch

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