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Fragmented Society
Alienation in the Anthropocene

We spend most of our days in human-made constructions, nestled in this false sense of control that regulates our private and social lives. We believe to be above nature, in charge of its forces. The Anthropocene – meaning the current geological age in which the human will to prevail over other species has been the major cause of the planet's change – has led to many forms of passive nihilism. The subjective desperation with the world as a whole leads to individuals withdrawing from the greater concept of humanity and, instead, focusing on their realm of control, which is outside of the overwhelming reality. The emergent ecological crisis that we're facing, for instance, is one of the catalyzing forces of alienation between humankind and nature. It has brought forward a kind of fragmentation in our western society, albeit a psychological fragmentation rather than a spatial one. But, because humans naturally have the instinct to group, new forms of tribalism are emerging. The three sub-narratives look into different forms of alienation and the communities resulting from them.

Alienation in the context of a performance-driven society

There is a cognitive dissonance between our image of an ideal life and the reality of it. Thus, we often find ourselves trying to temporarily escape this mental discomfort. This can manifest itself through various acts of distraction with various degrees of sustainability. Ironically the very same industry that promises a relief from societal pressures, also feeds back into the systems that make an escape necessary in the first place.

Alienation in the context of societal class

The Bürgenstock resort, which is situated on a scenic hill overlooking Lake Lucerne, is nowadays owned by the Qatari ruling family and has undergone large-scale expansion in recent years. The seemingly serene oasis has thus become a place where two very different groups of individuals collide. One of them being the farmers that have cultivated their fields there for generations, the other being the ultra-rich who come to Switzerland to find relaxation in a luxurious environment.

Alienation in the context of communication

With the Anthropocene new forms of communication have evolved, live-streaming and online chats being some of the most recent ones. Twitch has been among the pioneers and is to this day the biggest live-streaming platform. Live chats have brought forward an ongoing shift in semiotics. New communities have emerged from this platform with their own sets of vocabulary and values, which from an outside perspective seem foreign and overwhelming at times.

A transmedia narrative by

Nicola Boss . Michel Büchel . Liv Burkhard . Ruben Cassiano . Dennis Gregr . Kim da Motta . Kim Hüppin . Julian Stettler . Alicia Steudel

Mentored by

Salvatore Vitale . Thomas Knüsel . Luciano Baragiola . Max Bruinsma

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