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Women at the ball – who’s wearing pants?

Nathalie Meichtry

Equality between men and women remains a central theme of many discussions, documentaries and demonstrations, also in the 21st century. One of the questions focuses on equality in sports. Would, for example, the world’s most famous and popular team sport, football, be purely a men’s affair? After all, since the founding of the “Swiss ladies football league” SDFL early 1970, women’s football has been institutionalized also in Switzerland. But despite the fact that the Swiss women’s national football team qualified for a European Championship for the first time in 2016, women’s football is still ridiculed.

In her report, Nathalie Meichtry examines the development of Swiss women’s football from its beginnings to the present day. She states that football, as a sport played according to the same rules worldwide, should be observed in the same way everywhere, regardless of gender.

Nathalie Meichtry playfully implements the theme in a website. Individual players’ positions represent navigation. Each position and the views of a variety of experts provide a personal insight into the world of women’s football.

Online project

Team photo of mixed soccer team, 2004. Private archive.
Fan merchandise from Anne-Catherine (17), 2020
Fan merchandise from Nora (16), 2020
Interview with Joseph S. Blatter. Screenshot 2020
Interface design online info-game "Women at the ball – who’s wearing pants?" 2020
Interface design online info-game "Women at the ball – who’s wearing pants?" 2020

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