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Vicious circle of thoughts

Alicia Steudel

About 200 million people worldwide suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. The source of this illness are feelings of extreme insecurity, often fear of failure, loss and death; intrusive and oppressive thoughts recur again and again. Those affected react with intense tension and panic. They try to suppress their distressing fears through thoughts or rituals. In the process, they realise the absurdity of their attempts which become more and more elaborate but also more ineffective over time. A vicious circle begins.

Alicia Steudel knows from persons in her surrounding what it means to live with this disorder. In the course of her research, her dismay grew facing the lack of a clear clinical picture in the public consciousness and the fact that many sufferers do not find a targeted therapy for a long time. By making her feelings tangible, she wants to awaken understanding and respect for the persons concerned.

In several interviews, Alicia Steudel recorded the descriptions of those affected about their obsessive-compulsive disorder as audio. In her installation, she visualizes these statements in a space equipped with monitors.

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