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True Romance

Ruben Marques Cassiano

Since the financial and real estate crisis in 2008, estimates of abandoned properties across Portugal have reached one million, with an annual increase of around 80,000. In the Algarve in particular, most of the ruined hotels remain unsold due to their high renovation rates or the impossibility to locate their owners.

Ruben Cassiano is fascinated by the life behind the bricked-up windows and doors, by the wild nature growing rampant between the building decay, in increasing loss of time under the spreading melancholy of the “Saudade”. In contrast, the author is irritated by the embellished Algarve tourism advertising luxurious resorts and rejuvenating holiday happiness.

In display the artist shows a 120-page art book in zine format in front of a pinboard common in real estate sales. Inside the room, next to a bricked-up door, two fine art prints mounted on wood lean against a wall. Above them, a tube TV plays a video loop. The second wall shows an interactive audiovisual projection.

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