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There’s a Blizzard in My Mind

Zoé Clémence

One in a hundred people suffers from psychosis once in a lifetime. Typical symptoms are delusions and hallucinations that affect the way the sufferer thinks, feels and acts.

In her project, Zoé Clémence explores what it can mean for a person to experience a psychosis. Together with those affected, she probes the complexity of psychotic states. Using texts, photography and mise en scène, she searches for ways to make the sensation of psychosis visible and tangible. Her aim is to develop a visual language relating to mental health that does not reproduce preconceptions, but focuses on people and their feelings.

Her book “There’s a Blizzard in My Mind” offers a deep and intimate insight into the world of three people with psychosis and invites readers to consider their own emotional world and that of fellow human beings. The project aims to sensitise the public to the topic of mental health and contribute to destigmatising mental illnesses such as psychoses.

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