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The Jungle of Eden

Ayla Feridun-Dziedzic

Dating is a topic almost anyone can relate to in one way or another. Online dating however can be a daunting world to enter for those unfamiliar with it, or a playground for those with experience. As a young creative, Ayla Feridun-Dziedzic has explored this jungle – with mixed results. Although she didn’t find love, she met an interesting mix of people ranging from the strange to those few whom she now calls friends.

Using a collaged digital space Ayla depicts the good, the bad and also some ugly facets of online dating – a playful environment that invites visitors to explore it by interacting with the “rooms” and objects, facts and stories brought back from this fascinating but largely unmapped territory. From shared stories to a match-making game, the viewer gleans insight into the paradoxes of a virtual world that dreams – and dares – to become real.

The project aims to give a realistic impression of a complex online environment, in which seemingly simple desires can become entangled in an intricate mesh of social codes, moral prejudice and human awkwardness.

The Jungle of Eden

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