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The Great Red Spot

Marius Eckert

In his project “The Great Red Spot” Marius Eckert explores a reversal of social values. ‘Generation Y’ refuses to subordinate every aspect of life to work. They demand a better balance between formalized working life and casual leisure time. They aspire to activities which give meaning to their lives. In stead of status and prestige they focus on self-fulfillment. However, the time available for leisure is scarce. This imbalance drives people to devise ever wilder ways of celebrating leisure time.

This self-proclaimed quest for balance and a meaningful life is scrutinized by Eckert’s camera. He finds extreme and absurd realities, not just in work life, saturated with conventions and detailed regulations, but also in the boundless, self-styled and excessively experienced leisure time. In Marius Eckert’s magazine, the question of meaningfulness is raised again, this time for all aspects of life.

The magazine can be purchased cheaply from a vending machine in the exhibition. The cycle of work, leisure and consumption, which is conjured up by Eckert’s combination of photos and texts, is thus closed. The photographer’s choice for analogue photography – with rough and unpolished prints – is a conscious contrast to the fast living he has documented.

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