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Peace of Meat

Anja Stadelmann

Around 2.5 million pigs are slaughtered in Switzerland each year – with 44 percent of the total meat consumption, pork is the most popular meat of the Swiss.  Pigs, by the way, are highly intelligent animals, which are only fully grown at five, and can live until 20 years.

With the interactive web documentary “Peace of Meat”, Anja Stadelmann shows what it means to be a pig in Switzerland today. It could be lucky enough to grow up at owners who treat it to tea every morning and wrap it in cuddly blankets at night. But for most pigs it ends up differently, and they will only breathe fresh air for the first time after six months, when their last day has come.

Anja Stadelmann tackles the connected ethical questions and documents which alternatives are being researched by science.

Life of a pig Platformer Game. Anja Stadelmann, 2018
Illustration also by Stephanie Stutz and Michael Fund
Fridolin with the cats, Jacqueline Bieri, Altbüron. Anja Stadelmann, 2018
«Momo, the happy Pig» with Tanja-Moser Köchlin, Hägendorf. Anja Stadelmann, 2018
The 1.5 Million pigs we never see, Google Map. Anja Stadelmann, 2018
Factory farm, Altishofen. Anja Stadelmann, 2018
Moving from the breeding to the fattening section, Altishofen. Anja Stadelmann, 2018

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