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Natalie Fasnacht

We’re witnessing tempestuous times, marked by economic, social and political conflicts. For those affected, this provokes feelings of disorientation and powerlessness. As a result, many people draw monolithic borders around themselves hoping to keep out conflicts. This includes generalizing measures of Swiss political institutions, also based on formulaic concepts of strangers and enemies. Such measures can be seen as both cause and effect of a lacking dialogue between people and populations.

Natalie Fasnacht’s transmedial and interactive project responds to current memes of compartmentalization and engages with a dialogue between people of diverse life views by opening a space for gracious and respectful encounters beyond mental confines. Fostering verbal exchange stimulates mutual learning experiences, which cross boundaries of origin, age and professional activity. Fasnacht emphasizes open-minded attention and overcoming the fear of physical contact.

Four young Swiss representatives of ‘generation Z’ with varying cultural backgrounds engage in an open conversation with adult professionals. The focus is on central questions of the future, work and life in general. In her work, Fasnacht shows how her protagonists resist standard social boundaries while still holding on to specific ideological concepts.

The project aims at sensitizing Swiss citizens about adolescents’ dilemmas and key questions which trouble the young generation. At the same time, the project invites others to approach apparently strange people with curiosity and openness, and engage in exchange beyond borders.

Preparation: The adolescent discuss about the dialogues together. Natalie Fasnacht, 2017
Simulation of dialogue: Lea plays the role of a psychiatrist. Natalie Fasnacht, 2017
Preparation for dialogues. Natalie Fasnacht, 2017
Stills from the editing process: the grey area between 'Illegality' and 'social behaviour'. Natalie Fasnacht, 2017

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