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Nach der Roten Arbeit [After the Red Labor]

Özlem Petri

In Switzerland, the cantons regulate procedures concerning hunting game, as well as the hunters’ responsibilities, such as protecting biodiversity. Africa is quite different. There, regulation is flexible in many countries, and paying hunters can buy permission to kill almost any animal they desire. While hunters go by different motives and methods, and are subject to hugely varying constraints, they all have one thing in common, irrespective of their hunting grounds: collecting trophies.

In Özlem Petri’s work, the handling of hunting trophies takes center stage. The pride in having personally killed an animal, and a respect for the hunting tradition often count as reasons for hunters to display their trophies at home. Next to antlers and animal teeth, this includes bird of prey’s claws, Jay bird or Pheasant feathers and animal furs. Photos also attest to the passion of hunting. In a book combining Özlem Petri’s own photos and images she collected from her protagonists, the similarities and differences between one female and three male hunters find a public expression.

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