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Let’s Play Family

Monika Sigrist


Challenged by her own experience as mother, Monika Sigrist examines the ambiguous effects of mobile devices on ordinary routines of family life. She questions her own media literacy levels and opinions, confronting them with the attitudes children adopt in relation to their media consumption.

Children are especially captivated by the endless possibilities of smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. Differing from conventional toys, these devices host a multitude of functionalities cross-linked with the Internet, creating a brave new context in which parents are technologically and socially challenged. They are forced to understand and respond to the wide-ranging content to which their children are exposed, at the same time having to define their parenting role in regulating their children’s media use. The attempts to gain a comprehensive notion as well as to control the media consumption of children are often at odds with the fact that children’s online activity is played in a rather reserved environment, out of sight of their parents who have busy occupations themselves, and different patterns of media use than their children.

Monika Sigrist’s “Let’s Play Family” project let children reflect on their use and ideas of mobile devices, assessing the media literacy of individuals respective to their family roles by means of photographs, interviews and texts, exploring the ambiguous relationship between media consumption and family life, in a constant movement between “digital native” and “digital naïve” perspectives.



Interview with Patrice.
Forest near Como.
04_Camera Arts_Aquarium_Monika Sigrist_2015
At the zoo.
Alexander on the xBox, Screenshot Video.
In the wardrobe.

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