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Jerusalem Stone/ Even Yerushalmit/ Hajjar Maqdissi

Flurin Bertschinger

Jerusalem is known for its bright stone facades, a unique feature of the city’s image. The locally mined lime stone called Jerusalem Stone connects the ancient and the new cityscape of Jerusalem.

In the context of the 1918‘s urban development plan, sir Ronald Storrs, a colonial civil servant and Governor of Jerusalem under British Mandate, ordained that all new urban extensions be clad exclusively with Jerusalem Stone. This decree persists till today. Highly politically charged is the fact that these days, Jerusalem almost exclusively procures this stone from quarries in the autonomous Palestinian territories.

In his work, Flurin Bertschinger explores and connects the economic, political and historical aspects of the stone. His critical response to this measure of urban design illuminates the complexity of claims of identity and power grounded on the inimitable Jerusalem Stone.

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