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In Media Res – Werkschau 2015

Concept, Design, Process, Going Public

Photos: Joël Hunn, CA staff, 2015
Video: Marco de Mutiis, 2015

In Medias Res

In medias res (Latin) translates as “in the middle of a narrative or plot“. This refers to a narrative. This refers to a narrative technique in which the reader or viewer is plunged into a crucial situation that is part of a related chain of events, or a larger story that progressively unravels.

This “plunging” attitude connects all the very first Camera Arts graduation projects at the Werkschau 2015. The photographers and visual storytellers invite the public into ten different situations, comprehending contemporary social issues with which we are all familiar: political and cultural conflicts, and ecological challenges nearby or far away – seemingly out of the range of our sight. The students developed their projects in Lucerne and in Switzerland, but also in South America, Asia and the websphere.

All projects embrace an expanded notion of the photographic medium. Embedded in the digital realm, photography has become an immense on- and offline playground in which images, moving image, text, sound and human interaction converge. Facing these unbound possibilities, the Camera Arts students felt encouraged to re-contextualise the realities with which they have engaged. By investigating the subject matter contextually, i.e., by collaborating with the people involved and articulating their observations, the initiators of these projects have propelled themselves into the midst of the stories, bringing together the subjects in the project, the audience, and their own selves, as authors.

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