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How would I walk, had I never seen a woman walk?

Kim Da Motta

Every person has an individual gait which serves as a biometric feature for “gait recognition”. The result can be supplemented with the system of “automated gender recognition” classifying people into the binary system of man/woman. These processes are based on datasets – collections of annotated image/video data used to train artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Kim da Motta criticizes the automated binary gender attribution and its consequent misinterpretations. She problematizes that “gait recognition” combined with “automated gender recognition” leads to an invasive surveillance method with datasets never being fully diverse. The artist contrasts the strict AI systems with the fluidity of gender.

In her installation, Kim da Motta’s work consists of found footage, screen recordings and her own videos, combined with spoken dataset information and music. Exhibition visitors trigger both the work and a video recording by walking on a treadmill. These videos form a new dataset of surveillance videos that can be seen on the back wall.

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