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How like a leaf I am

Alexandra Baumgartner

Recent research states that plant and animal species are dying out 10 to 100 times faster today than they did on average in the past 10 million years. This concerns known and unknown species in woods and deep oceans, where they are becoming extinct in varying patterns and intensity. Unnoticed by most humans, biodiversity is silently waning.

Alexandra Baumgartner interrogates our collective responsibility for the rapid decline of ecosystems and the paradoxical human perception of culture/nature. In this, she also recognizes the loss of immaterial values like traditional and indigenous sources of knowledge. The project accentuates such moments of integration and endeavors to steer away from a human-centered perspective.

Baumgartner focuses on local initiatives, which protect old plant species from restrictive patenting policies of agrochemical businesses. She surveys the beginnings of seed conservation and promising research projects on mycorrhizal fungi. This illuminates the importance of cultured plants, while inviting reflection on the way we treat our natural environment.

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