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Food Waste Land

Rhea Keller

According to reports by the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington, about one-third of global food production is lost annually – food waste. This loss is caused by complex circumstances, such as crop failures, storage and delivery losses, and pure spoilage. In the face of global hunger this is a shameful fact. That is why the UN has set itself the goal of halving food waste by 2030.

Ten years before the evaluation of these goals, Rhea Keller’s report examines the current state of the efforts. She focuses on the above-average level of food waste in Switzerland compared to the world. She opens refrigerators, looks in vegetable compartments and doesn’t stop at compost bins. In order to avoid everyday food waste, Rhea Keller pursues alternative concepts such as that of “Solidarity Agriculture.”

In her publication, Rhea Keller gives photographic insights into the microcosm of various kitchens. In addition, the kitchen owners explain their personal worldview. Rhea Keller wants to change food-wasting behavior among the viewers.

Book cover Food Waste Land. 2020

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