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#sweetbaby #sweethome #sweetlife

Flurina Stuppan

A young mother herself, Flurina Stuppan focuses on the visual representation of mothers and their babies in online and offline media. She investigates contemporary associations of motherhood, which are conveyed by the women depicted as well as the objects and symbols that are visible on photos exchanged online by this social group. She wanted to find out what those women have in common and how the images they share are perceived by their social environment.

The video piece “#sweetbaby #sweethome #sweetlife“ shows three imaginary mother types having a conversation about their experiences in managing photo collections of their babies on social platforms. The video reveals the desires and preferences of the mothers as well as the aspirations they project upon their babies. Their own understanding and imagination of motherhood blends with social expectations and their correspondent images.

The second part of the project contains a series of manipulated photographs of babies and children found on freely accessible social media pages of young mothers. These distorted visualisations question the phenomenon of mothers publicly exposing their babies and their private environment on the Internet. Often the parents manipulate these images in order to get idealised representations of their children and themselves. Through her own manipulation of these photographs, Flurina Stuppan accentuates the genuine mechanisms of self-representation and identity construction behind the enchanting baby photos one can find online.


Making-of “Interior design of young mothers”.
#sweetbaby #sweethome #sweetlife 1
#sweetbaby #sweethome #sweetlife 2
#sweetbaby #sweethome #sweetlife 3

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