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Entre Mundos – Families between Cuba and Switzerland

Anna Urwyler

Towards the end of 2016, there were 1.715 Cubans living in Switzerland. Relationships between Cuban-Swiss couples and families often take place in an informally legal economy. Families in Cuba, the country of origin, are existentially dependent on financial support of their relatives in Switzerland.

In her interactive video project “Entre Mundos – Families between Cuba and Switzerland” Anna Urwyler documents the frictional lives of four families between Cuba and Switzerland. Next to Cuban-Swiss differences of culture, which often produce tensions, the couples and families experience particularly high psychological pressures. These are caused by the claiming expectations expressed by those in Cuba who are directly dependent of their Swiss family members, by prejudices in Switzerland and, generally, the social difficulties of integration.

Newly wed. Havana, Cuba. Anna Urwyler, 2018
Farmer, El Majá, Cuba. Anna Urwyler, 2018
Kurt and Yoanis, Havana. Anna Urwyler, 2018
Olga, El Majá, Cuba. Anna Urwyler, 2018
Kitchen talks, Havana, Cuba. Anna Urwyler, 2018
Interview preparations, Havana. Anna Urwyler, 2018

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