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Emmenbrücke Genius Loci 2020

Editorial Photography and Media Design

Since 2012, Camera Arts students have been exploring the urban, social, cultural, political and economic contexts in the rapidly changing municipality of Emmen, focusing with photographic and other imaging means on Emmenbrücke’s “genius loci” – literally: “the spirit of the place,” meaning a place’s particularities and peculiarities.
Since the Lucerne School of Art and Design moved to the newly designed campus on the Viscosi site, the former industrial area of Emmen’s Emmenbrücke district, the students’ perspective has changed: they relate the district from the inside to Lucerne, to Switzerland and to global developments.
The “Genius Loci” project is characterized by a phenomenological approach. Students are encouraged to observe the urban landscape and local culture from their own perspective. They interpret their encounters, the neighborhoods, the stories and the issues arising from them through personal experience and thus also bring less common viewpoints to light.



Alicia Steudel, 2020

Emmen 1970 2020 2070


Emmen 1970 2020 2070. Alicia Steudel, 2020
Emmen 1970. Archive
Emmen 2020. Alicia Steudel, 2020
Emmen 2070. Alicia Steudel, 2020

Nicola Boss, 2020

Second First Hand
Caritas Cloths Center, Emmen


Kim da Motta

Venus or Polaris


Ruben Marques Cassiano

Seeing Skateboarding


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