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BOOM – Relikte einer Industriegesellschaft

Cyrill Appert, Eveline Schumacher, Mario Trachsel

In Rheinsulz, near Laufenburg am Oberrhein, Cyrill Appert, Eveline Schumacher and Mario Trachsel come across an industrial area between the railway line and the banks of the Rhine. On the site of today’s Astra Tech AG, five medium-sized companies have each experienced economic upswings, downturns and new beginnings since 1960.

What remains are the traces of the rise and fall of the companies operating here. These include the production facilities and locksmith’s shop still in operation today, along with the disused repair shop; scrap iron such as railway tracks and conveyor belts from the former second-hand trade in tunnel and gallery construction equipment; around 7000 black-and-white and colour photos, as prints, negatives, slides and on digital storage devices; plans of plants and machinery; hundreds of business documents – and a mountain of debts.

This collaborative project takes on the experiment of being guilelessly fascinated by such founds and stories, which seem to have fallen out of time – contemporary witnesses that invite the construction of different readings of the past.

Book #1
Book #2
Book #3
Book #4
Book #5
Book #6
Infrared image of the region from 1995
(Copyright: SwissTopo)
Picture of a pipe coupling
(Copyright: ASTRA TECH/Peter G. Schlatter)
Dam of the Limmern lake
(Copyright: ASTRA TECH / Peter G. Schlatter)
Collages from an advertising calendar
(Copyright: unbekannt)
Rudolf Schlatter (uncle of Peter Schlatter Junior) in front of the dump truck
(Copyright: ASTRA TECH)
Peter Schlatter Senior and Hans Emch on a cultural trip
(Copyright: Peter G. Schlatter)
Former operations manager and member of the management team, Roland Locher, in the kitchen at Astra Tech
Car viewing in Cham
(Copyright: ASTRA TECH / Peter G. Schlatter)
Meeting room
Warehouse in Rheinsulz in 2007
(Copyright: ASTRA TECH)
Brand der Halle im Jahre 1971
(Copyright: Dieter Baumgartner)
Roadheading machine
(Copyright: ASTRA TECH)
Series of images of excavators
(Copyright: ASTRA TECH)
Old undercarriage for tunnel wagons
(Copyright: Astra Tech)

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