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Cyber Help

Philippe Schneider

Statista counted around 2.8 billion active gamers worldwide in 2020 (online, PC, streaming, video). While the industry is expanding at almost double-digit rates, its bad reputation remains at a low level: gamers are seen as being compulsively bogged down at home, predominantly male, lazy, fat, stupid, scruffy, lonely, aggressive, prone to violence and attention deficit disordered.

Philippe Schneider presents a study with those affected. According to his findings, many gamers are under stress and suffer from social anxiety, depression and personality disorders. It is precisely here that remaining anonymous during the game helps and brings about the longed-for stress relief.

In a virtual reality experience environment, a kind of digital exhibition, Philippe Schneider gathers interviews with gamers who speak openly about their personal problems. In this way, he conveys an understanding of their motivation to play games and helps to correct the prejudices mentioned above. He shows how games can have a positive impact on the lives of gamers.

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