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Bitter Sweet: Assisted suicide for the elderly

Michael Fund

In Switzerland, cultural rituals around the end of life are currently characterized by loneliness and reticence, conventions and institutionalization. While a majority desires to die autonomously at home, public opinion on assisted suicide is divided: legal and ethical questions are heavily debated, increasing the uncertainty of those affected. Before society can start to learn, both rationally and emotionally, how to end life appropriately, one needs to remove the stigma of assisted voluntary death.

With his digital graphic novel “Bittersüss” (bitter-sweet), Michael Fund aims to contribute to the public debate, enabling an encompassing reflection through presenting facts. Michael Fund shows that current Swiss strategies of assisted voluntary death are bringing about a more humane approach to dying, but are also causing difficulties which need to be overcome.

Autonomy in death. Michael Fund, 2018
Where to die. Michael Fund, 2018
Dignitas-House. Michael Fund, 2018
Preparing NaP. Michael Fund, 2018
Organizing eventual dying. Michael Fund, 2018
Folder containing all precautions concerning dying. Michael Fund, 2018
Moment after death. Michael Fund, 2018
Overview of the storyline and topics covered. Michael Fund, 2018

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