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Where Every Day is a holiday

Andrea Stalder

Andrea Stalder’s grandaunt runs a ‘FKK-Club’ (nudist center) where she and her family celebrated many New Year’s parties, and these events, in her memory, used to be the greatest highlight of the year. She loved splashing in the Jacuzzi and jumping around on the beds. She only realised much later what usually happened in that place. Now, at the age of 23 and ten years after attending her last party, she compares her childhood memories with the ordinary affairs of the club.
In this visual essay Stalder re-visits and re-interprets her past experiences, shedding a new light on the situations and affairs of the club, revealing a blunter reality. Carefully operating on the basis of fragile relationships while building trust with club’s members, the artist felt challenged by her adult observations together with the dubious information she received. Hidden stories, confusion and mixed feelings gradually interpose the memories of the familiar place of her childhood.

Klara Källström, Thobias Fäldt

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