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ANAR – Pomegranates Grow in Winter

Anna-Tia Buss

Kyrgyz women have always occupied important positions in society. They profoundly co-shaped the tradition-inclined community, and increasingly, urban women are seeking a college education to face such challenges. This very same tradition, however, also determines that a Kyrgyz woman should at some point give up her profession in favor of family life, regardless of her education. But today some Kyrgyz women are contesting this high social pressure to marry. It is now up to them to reshuffle their culture, if they want to be socially acknowledged beyond traditional roles.

Swiss born Anna-Tia Buss grew up in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, before returning to Switzerland at age of six. Only in 2018 she endeavored the journey back, to reestablish contact with her Kyrgyz peers.

Together with them, she staged portraits and situations depicting their daily life. Buss documents the strong differences in character, appreciation of female roles and striving for independence of Kyrgyz women.

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